Hello! I know it’s been a LONG time since I posted here, even if I continue to share and post on Read-GRap’s Facebook page. So, there have been many changes, and one of them is that I no longer live in Grand Rapids, MI. This caused a conundrum since I’m no longer privy to the events in that geographical region. Therefore, I decided to change my blog to cover everything related to books, as always, but do it nationally. Because the name “G-Rap” refers to the city of Grand Rapids, MI, I will change the name of my blog, here and on Facebook (if Facebook allows it). The new name will be: Lupita’s Reads. I now live in south Florida, in Broward County, and I am working as a librarian (yay!) in a public library, so I am always now surrounded by books. Since I organize events for the library, I’ll be posting them here, as well, if you live in south Florida. I’ll continue to post book reviews, book trends, and anything that may catch my eye and may be of interest to you. So, please be patient as I’m revamping this blog, and continue to follow the Facebook page. As of now the Facebook page will still be Read G-Rap until I get the “okay” from Facebook for the name change. I will design a new logo, as well. Again, thank you for your continued support, and hope you’ll continue to read my blog posts!

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