Just as I had promised, here’s my review for Lock Every Door by Riley Sager. It’s a 5/5, highly recommended for thriller-mystery fans.

This is the very first book by Riley Sager that I read of his, and I was pleasantly surprised. The story captivated me from the beginning, with Jules Larsen down on her luck, with no job, no home, and no boyfriend. Luckily, she has her college best friend Chloe to lend her a hand. Then, she applies for and gets accepted to become an apartment sitter at the famous Bartholomew apartment building across from Central Park in New York City (just think of the famous The Dakota), saving her from becoming penniless. Apartment-sitting at the Bartholomew sounds like a wonderful job, but there’s a catch: you can’t spend a night outside of the Bartholomew; no visitors allowed; and you can’t talk to the other residents; privacy is a big deal.

Chloe tries to dissuade her, telling her about scary stories she’s heard about the famous building. But, Jules tells her that this is a great opportunity, and that she needs the money. So, she moves to apartment 12A, very spacious, grand, elegant, luxurious, with a staircase to the master bedroom, and a great view of Central Park. At first, Jules is in heaven, but then she begins to hear strange sounds; the wallpaper in the apartment is chilling, and then she meets a fellow apartment-sitter named Ingrid. They agree to meet everyday to eat hot dogs at Central Park, but at their first scheduled outing, Ingrid doesn’t show up, days pass by, and Jules suspects that Ingrid is missing, and that The Bartholomew is definitely full of sinister secrets.

Can she survive while trying to solve the mystery of The Bartholomew? That’s what the reader is going to find out. Very fast-paced, likable characters (except for Jules’ bad decisions, but hey, that’s what makes a novel more interesting), infamous characters, and the setting is awesome. You’ll be wanting to look for more information on real-life upper-crust apartment buildings in New York City, like The Dakota where John Lennon was murdered. Enjoy this spooky read!

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