Greetings! Here I have a quick review for y’all. I’m currently reading Ninth House first novel for adults by YA author extraordinaire Leigh Bardugo, so be on the lookout for my review soon. For now I’m adding my review for one of the most popular novels recently, and it’s on The New York Times Bestsellers List. So, if you enjoy contemporary literature, historical fiction, read on for the review of William Kent Krueger’s This Tender Land.

This novel was well-written, it pulls you in to the story immediately, and takes you back in time to the Depression era in rural Minnesota. The two main characters are two brothers: Albert and Odie O’Banion, two white orphans sent to the Lincoln School for Indians, where they are sent to be educated under the tutelage of Mrs. Thelma Brickman -“The Black Witch”, who is anything but kind. Anytime a student misbehaves they are sent to the Quiet Room, where essentially is a former jail cell; here, Odie is sent there many times, and also if the Black Witch deems it necessary, he is whipped by leather straps by the evil DiMarco, who enjoys punishing the young students.

After a natural disaster, and a murder, Odie, Albert, their friend Moses, and little Emmy find themselves fleeing Lincoln School for their lives, grabbing a canoe, and making a run for it by traveling through the rivers of Minnesota on a journey to freedom in St. Louis, Missouri. But along the way they encounter interesting characters, shady people, and a charismatic lady.

While on their journey, Mrs. Brickman and her husband, Mr. Brickman, are on their tail to find them. The book is well-written, the plot is well-structured, and you get attached to Odie, Albert, Moses, and Emmy. Sometimes there are parts of the book that are a bit slow and drag on for a bit, but the last half the plot thickens, and you’ll find yourself turning the pages. If the book hadn’t had its slow parts I would’ve given it 5 stars, but I’ll round it up for 4.5 stars.

Recommended for those that enjoyed “Where the Crawdads Sing”, and for historical fiction fans.

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